Hello. My name is Stephen Capson, and I am a licensed psychologist here in Manhattan.

I am delighted that you’ve found my website. Choosing a therapist is one of the most highly personal things you can do. There is no one therapist who is right for all people, but I hope that by browsing this site, you’ll get a better idea of whether you and I are a good fit.

For years, I have specialized in helping people with a range of issues, dealing with everything from coping with illness (I was one of the first to work with HIV/AIDS patients in the ’80s) to “ordinary” problems like maintaining strong relationships. While I specialize in working with the gay community, everyone is welcome. Practicing in Manhattan is a great experience due to the diversity of people in NYC. It is stimulating for me, and the city provides endless opportunities for my clients to explore.

Please feel free to call or e-mail to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.