Some people will ask a potential therapist "What is your approach to therapy or orientation?

My approach to therapy is a practical one, focused on present problems. I help clients understand their behavior patterns and related feelings. The past is examined as an emotional blueprint but not as the major aspect of sessions. I provide feedback, support and present strategies. Clients are encouraged to change their behavior based upon their new understanding and insights. I also explore unconscious feelings and motivations. In other words I integrate cognitive behavior therapy and some psychoanalytic concepts.

Service Options

  • Individual sessions: 50 minutes, one time per week
  • Couple/relationship counseling: format varies
  • Group Therapy: 90 minutes, every other week

Insurance. Session fees are insurance reimbursable if you have out of network benefits for mental health. Please check your plan for issues of pre-approval, deductibles, annual limits. Fees are on a sliding scale based upon personal factors.

I am a Medicare provider.

Initial Consult. This is a free of charge session set up after a brief telephone contact. It gives us a chance to meet in person and better determine if we are a good client-therapist match.

Inquiries Welcome. Call 212/924-7994 or e-mail today.